What is the training about?

What makes a team?

How important is communication?


No slides. No presentation.

Full interactive session. 

No dogmas.
Games that are built to challenge theories.


What are some of our games?

The Mind

A game we challenge you to win while you think about what are the most important aspects to work as a team.

Lego Teams

How communication affects a team...

Spaghetti Builders

Teams challenges each other to build the biggest construction that will win them the prize.

Or will it?

Game theory: Black and Red

2 players. Quick rules. Who will win.. and who will take the write assumptions?

Be the leader

How to validate if someone is the right leader...

Evaluation or Feedback?

How do we actually address past good or bad events? 


Finally the consolidation of the training. How to keep this in the team daily life!

And much more... 

But we don't actually want to spoil it!

Want to know reach us about training?

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