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What type of questions are we talking about?

Motto - Those are not questions but mottos for the current session.

Example: This is not a shit sandwich session. Praise what you see as positive, and suggest improvements for things - you think - can be done differently.

Positive (reinforcement) - About others 

Example: 3 things I would like _ to help me get better

What can be improved (improvements) - About others

Example: What’s something you feel _ is undervalued on their contribution to the team? Why?

Personal questions - To speak about yourself

Example:  What would be the simple indulgence or gift you would really appreciate when tired or under stress

There are 12 of each so you can do one feedback session a month (without repeating). 

Why those specific questions?

The idea is to provide either positive questions (to reinforce behaviour), or constructive questions (to offer options to things or behaviours we believe should be different).

The biggest point is avoiding the common “you did this wrong”. That just makes people become defensive. Besides, feedback needs to provide an alternative way to do something, it helps the person giving feedback to really think about it not just rant.

Why personal questions?

People are not machines. If you trust and like to work with people around you.. it’s better for everyone. To make this possible you normally need to know the people around you so you understand their decisions/behaviour.

What are the card levels about?

This deck is composed by 50 playing cards, distributed among 4 categories:

Motto, Positive Reinforcement, Improvements and Personal Questions

Each category has three different levels to be considered when selecting the set of cards for the session:

Level 1 (*) is associated with superficial questions

Level 2 (**) with intermediate questions

Level 3 (***) with deeper questions.

What are the 10 steps to set up a session?

Get a deck (!), then...

* 60 minutes is the reference time for teams with 5 members (point to 10 minutes each + 10 minutes for startup and closing)

Where can I read more about this?

Jump here!

What are the principles behind it?

Feedback - with a deck of cards and a pile of emotions

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