Taking your team from the comfort zone to the trust zone!

From training to a methodology supported by a simple deck of cards that will make you grow personally and as a team!


A team can be so much more than a group of people. 

We don't believe in preaching principles, and presentations. When has a slide deck changed something on your life?  

We want to take you on a journey of actual fun and games that will lead you to your own conclusions about your team. 

It consists of half day or full day workshop, depending on what are you are your goals:
What is important? What can be improved? And so much more... 

But a session can do so much, so after the training you have L∞pGain's deck to continue your team improvement autonomously for a year!

Note: We're doing the training pro bono for non-profits. Feel free to reach us if you are working on one.


After working in several companies and volunteer organisations, with very small to very large teams, we found one thing that was always an issue.

(Empathy driven) Feedback

This happened while at organisations that had evaluation processes or where spontaneously day-to-day feedback was preferred. It happened while working with waterfall, agile or with no standard methodology at all.. all lacked a common time for teams to really stop and talk!

Talk about how we feel, what we like, dislike and how to improve as a team and enjoy our work even more!

Yes, most of us gave feedback to one another, but… we were mainly addressing superficial stuff, or just work related processes, so…

We envision a session focused on the team:

L∞pGain  was born...

Save time

You don't need to reinvent the wheel, we got your back! 

You just need around 1 hour once a month!


It provides a friendly setup to give honest feedback.

It avoids questions that set a negative or aggressive tone, using a constructive mindset instead.

Easy to use

Having a deck, within 2 minutes you'll be able to start your feedback session.

Improve your team

You'll notice something changing right after doing just the first one.

This isn't magic... it's proper feedback! 

Still Skeptical?

We're not the only ones saying these are valuable topics!

It's much more than a deck of cards!

This sets up a methodology for an honest, non-negative or aggressive session.

This has been tested and perfected for 2 years until we reached this deck!

It seems almost too simple... but most of the time less is more!

Read more about how it works.

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